Thursday, May 27, 2010

WOW. It sure has been a long hiatus after a brief period of posts, but we are finally back!
Lets just jump into some pics of cool new items, shall we?
Back in stock: the ever-popular Kai Bamboo Bowls, now including the super XL size which is extra good-looking. Available colours: Cherry, Frost Silver & Chocolate
We also have a new line of eco-friendly and really well-priced bamboo serving/salad/etc bowls, unfinished bamboo on the inside, green on the outside.
Bamboo bowls are great as hostess, housewarming or wedding gifts, or bringing along to a potluck with a pretty salad inside!

Lots of kitchen utensils, gadgets and tools you have been needing,

or never even knew you needed until now....

And tons of sizes and styles of glass jars & containers. For all of your stuff!

More photos to come later with other exciting new products, stay tuned!

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