Friday, July 2, 2010

Colour Theory Friday!

This week for our colour theory post we are featuring the colour RED! Red is always a popular choice for kitchenware, decorative things, toys, accessories- you name it, you can usually find it in red. The thing I've noticed lately is a shift from darker, burgundy red to brighter more vibrant orange toned and cherry reds, which are a little more exciting and fitting for summer.
Above: Erhard lined notebook- $14.95, Red multi-slat umbrella- $31.95 (these are gorgeous and have a total geisha-esque look), Little devil shower cap- $6.45

Colour-changing egg timer- $2.95 (I have one of these and they work like a charm! No more half runny hard boiled eggs!), Randy reusable tote bags- $3.65, Penguin soap pump red- $14.95 (great design- the entire cover part unscrews and you fill the inner cylinder. Makes it super easy to fill and pump)

Silicone pot holder- $6.65, Swing-a-way large can opener- $6.45 (the BEST can openers), Silicone pot handle holder- $5.45 (So you don't burn your hands on hot pot handles)

Reading glasses w/pouch- $4.95, Transparent red apple- $12.95, Red lips magnet- $2.95
Below: Red silicone whisk- $2.65, Red teapot 2cup- $5.95, Happy Birthday music box- $9.45