Friday, August 27, 2010

Hug & Kiss Cards

Psst... Hey you, over here,....take a gander at these bad boys...

Front: Hooray for your birthday.
Inside: Let's go out and drink responsibly.

Front: Congrats on the new position,
Inside: I thought you could only do missionary.

Front: You know who loves birthday parties?
Inside: Little sissies.

Front: Word on the street is that you're having a baby.
Inside: Gross.

Hug & Kiss Designs are our absolutely favourite & best-selling card line here at Paboom, locally made by the mischievous and awesome Nikki Kelly! Don't let the cute critters on the exterior fool you, these cards pack a mean punch with sassy, rude and often offensive one liners on the inside. They aren't for the faint of heart or those without a good sense of humour (but, really, who wants to send a card to those people anyway?).
And what's that you say? Paboom just got in their BIGGEST ORDER EVER of HUG & KISS CARDS!?! This is ridiculously exciting news to the legions of hard-core fans out there (you know who you are, you weirdos) who may also be pumped to know most of these are ALL BRAND NEW STYLES!! Come on in and read them all, I guarantee you will have a hard time containing your snickers, gasps and giggles.

Front: We should hang out more often.
Inside: So put down the bong and let's get together.

Front: I couldn't ask for a friend better than you.
Inside: Believe me. I've tried.

Front: You're having another baby.
Inside: Slut.

Front: We've been thinking about you.
Inside: Mostly negative thoughts.

Front: I just want to say congratulations.
Inside: You didn't fuck up for once.

Take a look at the full line of cards at here!

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