Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Gift Recipient: "White Elephant Gift Exchange"

Gift Idea: Red Rhino Eraser ($11.95)
"These erasers are fun whether you use 'em or not & I think everyone would fight over it in a gift exchange...and seriously Red Rhino/White Elephant? That's awesome."- Joyelle (Vancouver) who secretly wants dance lessons this holiday.

Description :
The Rhino have become endangered through hunting and destruction of their natural habitats. Kikkerland would like the magnificent animals to be around for a long time to come. Hence these long lasting oversize erasers made from PVC-free TPR.We hope that when you use one of these erasers you will be reminded of the real thing – big beautiful animals that need your help to survive.2% of sales will be donated to helping endangered species through the Center for Biological Diversity. Visit online at www.biologicaldiversity.org

(I'll admit, I didn't know what a White Elephant Gift Exchange was by name, but I've heard lots of customers talk about it when buying quirky gifts to please. Now it all makes sense! Read more about it here if you want to know the whole gist of it. -Tanis)

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