Sunday, July 10, 2011

"Finally", I think to myself as I take a sip of my cocktail, "my place is ready for my awesome patio party!". The doorbell rings and the first of my guests arrives. "We loved the invitations you sent out!" they say. "Would you actually have us killed if we didn't show up?". "Obviously", I say.

I pour them drinks from my Zak! acrylic pitcher
and serve them hors d'oeuvres from my bright red Zak! melamine tray.
"I love your patio ware! Is it all BPA, PVC, Phthlate and Lead free?" "Why yes, yes it is, thanks for asking!"

The doorbell rings again- the rest of my guests have arrived! I usher everyone onto my patio and we bask in the sun (my fair-skinned friends take shelter under my brightly coloured umbrellas).

I hear my robot kitchen timer buzzing from inside, so I run into the kitchen to get the rest of the food ready.

My multi-colour footed nesting bowls from Zak! are perfect for serving up all my dips,veggies and salads.
As I head back out to the patio with all the food, I see my guests have broken out the margaritas and are already thoroughly enjoying themselves. Good thing I'm using my acrylic margarita glasses, in case things get a little tipsy.

As the sun sets, I light my floating candles
and turn on the string of lights I made summer appropriate by dolling them up with mini organza lantern covers. What seems like minutes later, I look at my cute zen floral clock

and realize it's much too late and my guests and I have taken far too many shots from my man & woman shot glasses.

As I gently kick all my friends out of my house, I pat myself on the back for throwing such a successful patio party!

(Super cute product story by Emily in Vancouver! Thanks Em!)


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