Friday, July 23, 2010

Colour Theory Friday!

This week we are taking a gander at LIME GREEN! Whoa, this is some vibrant stuff and its getting me jazzed!

Oh Chair in Green- $79.95 These are so comfortable and look so darn good too. They can go outdoors, be easily wiped down to clean and are stackable. Designed by Karim Rashid
Hummingbird citrus zester- $9.95

Hug & Kiss Designs cards- $4.50 (Do not be fooled by their cute exterior, these cards are sassy and crass- not for the faint of heart but totally awesome!), Green floral mug w/silicone base-$6.95 (silicone acts as its own coaster and prevents scratching to surfaces), Apple green taper candles- $5.95/pair Made in the Netherlands

Nappa Lola leather cross-body bag (9.5" x 9") in Cactus- $109.95

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