Sunday, July 25, 2010

Green options for the bathroom

Pretty much everyone is making an effort to be more green these days, in all areas of our homes and lives. Today, lets look at some options for eco-friendly items in the bathroom.

Bamboo is a popular, attractive and eco-friendly material option- its the fastest growin
g plant on the planet making it a highly renewable source, it can grow without pesticides or chemicals and is naturally water resistant, making it a smart choice in bathroom and kitchen products.

Umbra makes some awesome products for the bathroom from bamboo. Shown above: the Shamboo Shower Caddy and Aquala Bath Bridge (comes with spots for soap, razor, book and wine glass, sigh!).
The spa-like Banu Bath Mat is really sturdy and solid for stepping out of the shower or bath with wet feet onto (22.5" x 16").
And for organizing those little bits & bobs, jewelry, watches, etc. we have the Tuck Folding Box. Another option for all kinds of organizing and storage (I even made some small bathroom shelves out of these which I absolutely LOVE) are the bamboo stacking boxes. They are available in a wide array of sizes (depths, lengths and widths from 2.5" to 16"), can be stacked on top of each other to create multi-tier organizers, are great in drawers and on counters for tidying stuff up. I use these to contain all my makeup, organize nail polishes, aspirin/vitamins, and hair stuff; they really do the trick!

Vinyl and PVC shower curtains have been getting a lot of press lately in regards to concerns about the health issues related to the chlorine in PVC and release of dioxins in its manufacture and disposal. As a safer, healthy, and more eco-friendly option we carry a wide range of PVC/chlorine-free plastic (EVA or PEVA) and waterproof fabric shower curtains and liners. These come in a variety of colours, patterns and textures and are generally in the $10-$30 price range.